My Story


I'm Amy. Unitedbyflowers is my newly designed online store, which I hope will turn into a more personal project, with the intention of creating my own line of children's wear, with the prominent design being flowers.

My two main passions are travelling and gardening.  When I travel, I become a curious visitor, eager to discover unique and foreign flowers, whether they are found whilst hiking in National Parks, or wandering through Botanical Gardens.  Each time I discover a new flower, I feel a new connection is formed to that place; a connection to the nature and a connection to the country.

The name 'United by Flowers' was formed from the ambitious idea that people from all regions of the world could be connected and united by the simple and natural presence of flowers; each with their own individual characteristics. 

Despite the different characteristics, we can appreciate the beauty in all flowers. That is the message I want to portray when I eventually develop my children's clothing line that displays and represents flowers from around the world.

But for now, as I am a learner in the world of online stores, I wanted to start by sourcing and selling some bright and colourful products to reflect the beauty in flowers and all things nature.